About Rotten Factory

Rotten Factory initially existed as a hobby project to present own abilities and collect suggestions of recipients. However, in 2016, because of incoming orders and customer reaction, it turned into a studio designing models, selling own products and cooperating with other companies.

Rotten Factory is the company designing and producing high quality miniatures for players, collectors and painters. The main goal is to produce models with a focus on quality and specific climate.
What is more, Rotten Factory also deals with sculpting miniatures and making conceptarts.

Paweł Jakub Górecki – the main artist of Rotten Factory. Collecting models in ugly and rotten climate took over is life already in 2000. Since then he spent all his free time on looking for new models and conceptarts in this specific climate. In 2013 he decided to try his hand at designing and creating his own models what led to the foundation of Rotten Factory.