ROTTEN FACTORY: Rotten Circus (part 3)

Have you ever imagined how the circus from your nightmares could look like? Take a look at new miniatures created by Rotten Factory!

The main goal of the project is to raise funds for the realization of new figures from the new Rotten Factory line. The models, that will arise thanks to your support and will go to your hands, are unique and created especially for this event. They were not previously available for sale, so it can be said that these are fresh, still fragrant with resin models. I will create for you many more of truly exceptional models which, with the development of grants, will appear in the offer. So remember if you give more you will get more. 😉


Maestro (34mm total hight)

Strongman (35mm total hight)

Rotten Clown (34mm total hight)

Human Trainer (35mm total hight)

Cultist 1 (35mm total hight)

Cultist 2 (34mm total hight)

Cultist 3 (35mm total hight)

Sanguisus – the leech trainer (41mm total hight)

Flair Dwarf

Bodrom (56mm total hight)

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