ROTTEN FACTORY: Rotten Circus PayPal support (part 4)


Because few of you asked me is there any chance to support the campaign via PayPal I do my best to give you this opportunity :).

Please notice that this is only for people who can’t support the campaign via Indiegogo.

A few rules before we start :).

  1. If you decided to support the campaign via webstore, it’s mean that you agree to all Indeigogo and Rotten Circus campaign side rules.
  2. Supporting campaign via PayPal will be possible start from today, and will end on 20th August.
  3. All funds collected via PayPal will be transferred to the campaign side on 23rd August.

How it will work:

  1. Look below at the list
  2. Choose your Perks by clicking them
  3. Add them to the cart
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. Add the promo code: INDIEGOGORC
    (it will make your shipping free – find out more about shipping cost on the campaign side)
  6. Pay for your Perks
  7. Feel great, because you supported campaign 🙂



Optional buys:


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